Tully’s Bale Mountain

We are traveling (see our Travel Blog) and fall back to classic presso brewing. I tried Bale Mountain beans from the Japanese Tully’s coffee shop. The taste is on the light side and indeed fruity and bright.

Bale Mountain beans with Presso

Kappabashi Kitchen Town

Day 7: 2019-12-27

Carsten withstood the temptations of DisneySea and payed a visit to the exciting kitchen ware district around Kappabashi Street. There, I could not help but buy two kitchen knifes at the outstanding Tsubaya knife shop to bring home to Sweden. Unfortunately, I missed to take the picture before the knifes were wrapped for the transport, so you have to suffer together with me until the (life streamed) unboxing event when I’m back home in January. /Carsten

Tsubaya knife shop

Yokohama China Town and Onsen

Day 6: 2019-12-26

The time difference it giving us a hard time. We slept until noon, followed by a soft breakfast until 14:00. Hm. Daylight is soon ending. We went on to visit China Town in Yokohama. We entered through one of the beautifully decorated gates and immediately noticed the differences in decoration style between the Japanese rather plain style and the Chinese very colourful style. We finished off with an onsen visit at Minatomirai Manyo Club, arriving home close to midnight to prevent us from adjusting to Japanese time …

Odaiba, again …

Day 5: 2019-12-25

Idag har jag varit i Odaiba för andra dagen i rad men det var ändå roligt. Det första vi gorde i Odaiba var att äta ramen. Vi köpte (för Majs skull) bio biljetter till Frost 2 premiär som började 18.45. Sen såg vi på en typ robot som heter Gundam (vi visar hur stor den var på en bild längre ned) och jag såg den transformera sig till Powermode (den var förut i unicornmode) och det var jättecoolt. Efter det så gick vi till bion för att se Frost 2 och efter det så gick vi hem. /Nils

We went again to Odaiba since there is soooo much to see.
Gundam went impressively into Power Mode. We met a matching cute cat next to the ramen restaurant. And the rainbow bridge was also in Power Mode (or is it unicorn mode? you judge …). /Carsten

Frohe Weihnachten!

Day 4: 2019-12-24

Frohe und hoffentlich auch etwas ruhige Weihnachten wünschen wir unserer Familie und unseren Freunden in der Welt!

Frohe Weihnachten auf japanische Art.

Die künstliche Insel Odaiba in Tokyo war heute unser erstes Ziel des Tages. Dort hatten Nils und Maj ihren ersten Ramen, was ein voller Erfolg war. Dann ging es weiter zum Weihnachtsgottesdienst in der Kreuzkirche Tokyo. Der Abschluss war die japanische Weihnachtstorte.

Japan Travel Blog December 2019 to January 2020

Maj, Nils, Hanna and Carsten are traveling in Japan around Christmas 2019 and New Year 2019/ 2020.

We are leaving our house in Stockholm on December 20, 2019, to take the bus and train to Arlanda airport.

Hanna and Carsten have been living and working in Yokohama from 2006 to 2012. This period was a very exciting one in our life not only because Nils was born in Tokyo during that time. After nearly eight years, Hanna and Nils are back to Japan for the first time. For Maj, it is the first time at all she is visiting Japan.

We are writing this travel Blog as diary for ourselves as well as to share our experiences with our family and friends in Sweden, Germany, Japan and all over the world.

Exploring Espresso

Here I am, with a firm intent to try a range of different espresso coffees at home with my home coffee machine (see picture below).

Our coffee machine is an ECM Synchronika which we bought in 2017. We have it in our kitchen connected to the water. The grinder is an S-Automatik 64 also bought in 2017. You can see me in the mirror image.

Beyond trying different coffees, my challenge is to describe the experience and tastes and, importantly, to remember the experiences. This is where this blog is coming in. Instead of taking notes only for myself, I will try to put the notes up here. Fingers crossed that I will have the energy to keep writing these posts.