Tully’s Bale Mountain

We are traveling (see our Travel Blog) and fall back to classic presso brewing. I tried Bale Mountain beans from the Japanese Tully’s coffee shop. The taste is on the light side and indeed fruity and bright.

Bale Mountain beans with Presso

Exploring Espresso

Here I am, with a firm intent to try a range of different espresso coffees at home with my home coffee machine (see picture below).

Our coffee machine is an ECM Synchronika which we bought in 2017. We have it in our kitchen connected to the water. The grinder is an S-Automatik 64 also bought in 2017. You can see me in the mirror image.

Beyond trying different coffees, my challenge is to describe the experience and tastes and, importantly, to remember the experiences. This is where this blog is coming in. Instead of taking notes only for myself, I will try to put the notes up here. Fingers crossed that I will have the energy to keep writing these posts.